The Need for Delegation & Equipping Others

I learned a leadership lesson from John Maxwell concerning delegation.  He wrote,

Inability to delegate due to lack of time is short-term thinking.  Time lost in delegating on the front end is recovered at the back-end.

This statement revealed precisely how I view delegation.  Months ago, I feared losing valuable hours of time in the process of delegation due to the necessary training.  If I spent a large portion of time teaching a coworker or a volunteer how to perform a certain task, I would conclude that day without a feeling of closure for my own personal accomplishments.  Due to this lesson on delegation, I dread to know how much time I could have actually saved had I done a sufficient job at delegating and training coworkers and volunteers.

I am at a place in my job when the work is so much.  The needs are so much and the possibilities are endless.  I am at the point that if I don’t rethink how to do some things, certain ministry will not happen or not happen as effectively.

I want to be used well for God’s Kingdom, but what if, by my fear of delegation, I stunt other people’s development or slow down ministry?

Take time to rethink and revamp.

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