Pure Life – Coming Oct. 18

Pure Life

Pure Life is coming your way in just a few weeks.  This event has been on my heart for months, and I am so excited we are nearing it.  The event will be held at North Side coinciding with the Elephant in the Pew series, but we also have groups from other churches joining us.  Pastors and community leaders from around Greenwood will be leading these breakouts.  I know of a church is having services with us that evening, and I know of youth groups, families, and individuals that plan to attend – you need to join us!

You can see the info above, but here is the timing of it all: At 5, we will meet in the auditorium for a large group session that will be led by Craig Gross, founder of XXX Church, via video, and then you will have the option to go to two breakout sessions.  There are such great breakouts, we are going to allow you to purchase all breakout sessions in a conference CD packet.  If you plan to come, please let us know – it will help us plan!  Thanks a bunch!  Help us get the word out on Facebook or RSVP to the event on our site.

More info to come.