Harvestfest 09

This Saturday, I am so excited about Harvestfest.  It’s an event hosted by the Lakelands Baptist Association that has tons of free food, great music, and a wonderful message.

This year’s band, Soulstice, is going to do a fantastic job.  I love what I have heard from them, and I love Micah (Hannah’s brother on the far left), so I’m jacked to hear them.


The message this year is being given by a guy pretty important in my life, Adrian Despres.  Adrian played a huge role in high school and college.  I had the honor of serving with him, praying for him, and allowing him to pour into me during those crucial years.  God uses him everytime he speaks.  You will be blown away.

So bring a lawn chair, your family, and join mine there.  See you Saturday at Connie Maxwell’s farm.

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