Back from Vacation (272+ Reasons I Returned)

Window Email

I’m back off of vacation.  I love my job, but I have to admit: I loved a week of nothing but my bride and my boy.  It was good for the soul.

But now, I am back.  I should be refreshed, but yesterday I decided to finally check my email, once 272 popped up at the bottom left corner in red and the number was still rising, I decided to walk away for a little bit.   The hard thing with vacation is how hard you have to work to prepare for it, then how hard you have to work after it.  My email inbox if full of issues, opportunities, suggestions, encouragements, needs, complaints, and mass mailing.  I now have the job of tackling them and getting a normal week of work done.


I really am excited about being back, though.  I at least have 272 + reasons I am still here.  I have work left to do, and I was alive this morning which means God has something planned for me.

As I left for vacation, we had completed our adoption paperwork, I had received confirmation on my degree, and I had finished a few big projects at the church.  There is a lot that we are working on at the church, and opportunities are abounding, but it is not as crazy as it has been (Elephants, Pure Life, Christmas CD, next Compass. and volunteer training are big on the agenda).  The end of this year is going to be stellar I do believe.

Grant me patience as I get back with you, and pray that I learn to vacate more often!