Christmas Recording Crunch Time

We are in official crunch time with Anthony over at Addeybug Studio right now.  The North Side Worship team is cranking out some jingle bell rock to get this in your hands by Christmas time.

Everything is coming together quite nicely.  This is an ambitious endeavor.  We have some full band tracks and then some acoustic tracks, and we have all types of guest instruments, programming, and all types of arranging going on.  What has made this a logistical challenge is that 5 people may play on track 1, 7 different people on track 2, and then 2 other people on track 3.  Our spreadsheet and calendars have been keeping us in check.

So, where are we?

DONE: Arrangements, drums, bass, acoustic guitars, most electric guitars, some keyboards, some programming, some vocals (Eric’s and mine).

LEFT-TO-DO: Cory’s guitars, Woody’s keys, some more programming, vocals, and maybe a guest musician or two.

Today, I am spending a good portion of the day in the office studio working on Reason files to be included in the mix.  All I keep thinking to myself is, “you gotta have more sleigh bell.”  Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Pray for us, we are getting near, and hopefully start the mixing process after Saturday’s vocal gauntlet.  Praying this project causes your Christmas season to be full of worship and celebration due to the fact that our God came to us.

Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la.