Rethinking Racism

What a way to conclude the Elephant in the Pew series.  Today, was such a powerful ending as we dealt with the issue of racism.  Jeff’s message was spot on and very transparent dealing with such a sensitive subject.

“I like to hang out with people who are like me.”  Jeff used that line to really make me think today.  How we decide if someone is like us?

I was so honored to have my dear brother and sister lead us in worship today.  I met Thomas and Dita Rose when I got put in their band the summer of 2002 as we worked Centrifuge at Carson Newman College.  They were the worship band, but their bass player couldn’t play with them that summer.  When I was asked if I would like to play bass with a black guy who led as he played his djembe, I signed up immediately.

Little did I know that I was going to find two of my dearest friends I have ever had.  We got to do tons of ministry over the years together.  I stayed at their house the night I proposed to my wife.  We have opened up for Big Daddy Weave and Shane and Shane.  We have shared life together.

He originally had told me they could come on Oct. 11, but then needed to change to Oct. 25th.  When I told him we were dealing with racism, Thomas replied, “Man, God is so big.”

I was so thankful to be led by them today.

Today, Thomas and Rose (The Rose Factor) led us in worship with:

If you didn’t get to purchase a copy of their CD, you can get a copy here.

What a great way to end this series.  What a great day to remember how God determines value.  What a great day to have God’s kids play together totally unaware of what color they are.  Maybe we could learn from them.

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  1. Such great pictures Travis! Thomas and Dita were great today. God is soooo good. I just love how HE demonstrated that is scheduling is better than ours.

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