Worship Teams: We Are Better Than I

This week’s worship team training starts us focusing on our third installment (#1 was humility, and #2 was credibility).

Worship Team Value #3:

Capability – leading with excellence

Big idea: We are better than I.

We do want to lead with excellence.  Our musicians, vocalists, and technicians, we want to lead with quality.  We do so not to draw people’s attention to ourselves, but in order that we draw attention to God in an excellent manner.

One area that we must always strive to do is to listen to each other.  We must realize that we are better than I.  A group of talented musicians are better off than a one-man show.  A team of united technicians can create an environment of worship way better that a person just “running their job.”  We must work together to pull something off better than we can pull off on our own.

In this week’s training time, I showed the below clip of worship leader, Paul Baloche, talking about working together as a band.  He teaches how to listen to each other and find your special spot in the group.  The principles are to be applied to technicians as well.  Everyone’s task is used to compliment the whole team’s.  Watch this video, and think how can we be better than I?