Exciting Week (Studio, Emerald City Worship, Campus, Compass)

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It’s going to be one of those exciting but busy weeks.  As Monday begins, I’m glad to have OG here with me in the office for an extra set of hands – even if they are constantly hitting me.  Here’s a rundown of what’s going on so you can either attend, help, or pray.

  • Finish Mix on Christmas Album – We are sending off the final mix on Thursday!  It is sounding so nice.  It is full of such yuletide glee – I can’t wait for you to listen.  We still have a full few days of mixing, so pray for Anthony and myself as we make final calls to get it just right.
  • Emerald City Worship – Tuesday night @ 7pm at North Side’s auditorium – Chasen will be leading in worship.  Don’t forget to bring toiletry items or canned goods to help out the community.  The band will be getting in around lunch time for anyone who likes to volunteer and do that type of stuff, and I am sure we could use a couple extra hands after the event that night (plus getting our stuff back on stage before Wednesday night practice).
  • College Campus Invasion – I’m speaking at Lander’s BCM Luncheon today and next Monday on the topic “I’m a Broke College Student.”  Tonight, I’m also going to speak at Erskine in the Hangar for Convo credit.  I’m talking about “How to Fix My College Lukewarmness.”  I love speaking to college students – should be a blast!
  • Compass Expansion – We have worked some things out concerning how to expand and improve the Compass without having to mess with the curriculum!  The previous Compass editions have been 48 pages, the Jan/Feb edition will be 64!  We are going to use those extra pages to better communicate the behind the scenes of our church and further equip the congregation in areas of faith and life.  We hope to fill the pages with stories like the Grahams in this edition.  We want you to walk away thinking, “Wow, that’s happening in the life of my church!”  I can’t wait – I know this Compass is only two weeks old, but we have to get cooking this week to get the next one going.  I love logistical projects like that (I know, I have issues).

What a great week to be loved by Jesus and to be able to serve Him this side of eternity!

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