“Offering” Released This Sunday

North Side Worship Offering Booklet Front Cover

A long-awaited package is in the mail and that means North Side Worship’s newest album will be released this Sunday at North Side.  The cover is above which was designed by the ever-so-talented, Cory Wilson.  Polly Brown was so gracious to let us use her hand for the cover – thanks!

This Christmas worship album was produced by the grand-master funk, Anthony Gravley.  Our worship team and some special guests worked really hard to finish it up.

You can look at the track listing here.  People who have heard sneak peeks have been so kind and generous with their encouragement.  I think this project can get you in the Christmas spirit but also call you to worship which was our prayer.  What’s funny is Anthony and I are the only ones that have really heard the project straight through.  Our band heard songs that they played or sang on, but most did not hear the complete product.  Friday night, we are having a listening party, in which our band will hear the whole thing from start to finish.

And then Sunday, you can get your copy (I mean copies)!  We are going to sell them at 1 for $10 and every CD after that, $5.  So, we think you need to get one for basically everyone you are buying for this Christmas.  Buy as stocking stuffers, office party gifts, or just attach it to a card that you give every single person you know.  Our band doesn’t get paid for this project, it goes to ministry stuff, so I can say with overwhelmingly enthusiasm – buy, and buy a bunch!

I wanted to provide a sneak listen to the CD, so I compiled a medley of 10 seconds of each song strung together.  Hopefully, you like what you hear and you can help us share the true meaning of Christmas with many people this December!

Offering 10 Second Tracks

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