A Pastor’s Wish List: Accept Divine Interruptions

3rd week of “A Pastor’s Wish List.”  On this third installment, today’s big idea was all about “Accept Divine Interruptions.”

The Christmas story is all about God interrupting the lives of normal people and doing extraordinary things.  What our pastor really wants for Christmas is for us to accept the invitations God gives us throughout our lives.  God wants to use us, will we say “yes?”

The message was powerful.  The worship time was powerful.  I mean I can’t even begin to describe what happened today.  People didn’t sing Christmas carols because it is what you are supposed to do.  We worshiped.  I mean some intense worship.  God came to us.  It’s reason to get a little excited.

I posted the picture above of Amy wrapping gifts because it sums up today.  Amy, in between leading worship in our services, was leading worship by wrapping gifts.  She had been mobilizing friends to give to some people in need this week.  And off of the stage, she was wrapping those gifts.  This snapshot was just another reminder that the people I get to lead with are lifestyle worshipers.  Such an honor.

Today, we worshiped to:

Hope you can come to the Christmas Eve service – 5:30; communion @ 5:00.  See you there!