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Our worship team has recently been through some changes.  A few months ago, I felt the need to step it up a few notches.

So I fired everybody.  Everybody.  I even fired my wife.

No matter how long everyone had played or sang, everyone lost their job.  I told them I would be willing to rehire them, but the commitment was going to be much greater.  I worked long and hard concerning qualifications and responsibilities, and I created a pretty-in-depth screening process.

There were a few weeks when I had to lead with a few people because that’s all who had been rehired.  Now, we have received some new members into the group, and the dedication is more focused that what I have ever seen it.

The “wordle” above is where member John Kennerly took all the words and created a word cloud to see what words were used the most in the application.  I’m not going to lie, some people have read this and said it is too much to ask of volunteers.  My response is, “I am not looking for volunteers, I am looking for committed lifestyle worshipers.”

You can’t be too serious when you are screening people to lead a church to God’s throne in worship.  This is serious business.

Do you feel a leading to lead others in worship?  I would encourage you to check out the application process.  There is some stuff on the horizon, North Side.  Things are moving, improving.  And while I am very grateful to where God has taken our worship ministry, we haven’t arrived.  We won’t settle.  So if you sing, play the violin, like to shake a tambourine, etc., I encourage you to read the screening process and pray about your application.  Not everyone needs to be a part of this ministry, but maybe you do.

If you aren’t looking for an audience, if you aren’t looking for recognition, but you are looking to make God’s praise glorious, come along for the ride.

Next steps here.

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  1. WoW… A very bold step! I think I’ve read about being like this somewhere. As I always have, even when not around, I keep you guys in my prayers for God’s continued guidance!!! I love you guys… 🙂

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