Looking for a Feeling

What a great Sunday!  One of my favorite things was we got to ordain Luke Tolbert into the ministry.  Luke, Patty, and Anna Kate have just finished seminary and accepted the call to service at Malvern Hill Baptist Church in Camden, SC.  I LOVE this family so much and wherever they go, the church is better discipled – excited about what God is doing through them!

What a great way to conclude our series “5 Things That Will Kill This Church.”  This Sunday, we addressed the fact that if we are dependent upon feelings, our church will die.

Jeff’s message was spot on.  If the cross ain’t enough, nothing will ever suffice.

We spent our worship time with 2 voices and 1 guitar on the floor of the auditorium.  No bells or whistles.  No attempts at feelings.  Just worship Jesus for how good He is.

Today, we worshiped to:

Praying that you have not only seen the church differently, but you have seen yourself differently.  It seems as if stuff is happening in hearts and lives at this church in a special way lately.  He is preparing us for something great – ready yourself!  Pray for this church.  Pray we expand God’s Kingdom to the world!