Storytellers – “Worship You”


Yesterday, we introduced a new song at North Side called “Worship You.”  Written for our upcoming album, this song is all about lifestyle worship.

Angela McCall sang it for us and will be singing it on the album.  I liked the song as a simple tune with my acoustic guitar, but as I worked on finding the right key and arrangement, it seemed that it needed a female lead.  After prayers and singalongs, it was apparent that Angela was meant to sing this song.  As she has worked on it, she has put her own flair on it and it was amazing to hear her lead with it yesterday.

As we finished singing it this week, Jeff said the neatest thing about the song at the beginning of his message, “I think it is pretty amazing that we are the only people in the world singing this song of worship to God.”

Hadn’t really thought about that, but what a neat way to express why homegrown worship songs are a unique offering for a local church.

Here’s the story behind the song:

(If you didn’t see the video above, click here.)

We pray that this song is a blessing to you!

Worship You Chord Chart (Key of Gb / Played in D)