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In the days leading up to the “Overcome” worship night, I wanted to present you with some of the stories behind the songs.  Each day, I will give a little background on the song and also give you a snippet to listen to.

Sunday, Peggy led us in a song entitled “Hold On.”  I have been messing around with this song for more than a year now, but I finished it up last Spring for this release.  It was a lawnmower song.  I got into one of my gospel moods, and I began singing this line, “I’ll keep holding on cause I know who’s holding me.”  I heard this gospel groove with some stacked harmonies.  Once I got off the lawnmower, I went in and made sure I was right on the chords I thought were in my head.

The lyrics were inspired by so many Psalms of crying out to God.  I also used the midnight hour passage from Acts 16.  In addition, Phil. 4:6-7 was a big help in speaking that we can’t be anxious when we take our troubles to God in prayer.

Peggy’s voice just carries this song to a place I never knew it could go!  I had high hopes that the song would come together, but when she but her soulful twist on it, the song came alive.  Here is a snippet from it – hope you enjoy:

Hold On by tagnew

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