Some Day Soon – Storytellers

Some Day Soon” is the last track on the Overcome album.  It is kind of a funny story how it came about.  One day, the power at the office went out.  We had no electricity, internet, or phone service for the day.  This was around the time we were trying to finish up tracking for Overcome.  I cleared the whiteboard and tried to finalize track listing.  As I came close to finishing, I realized there wasn’t a blatant song about the hope with Christ’s return and our trip home.  Elements were throughout the album, but it wasn’t explicit anywhere.

With the power out in my office, this song came in about 20 minutes.  I wanted it to be short, and it just came together real quickly.  Jeff came in, gave his approval, and then I went to finish it.

The tricky thing I wanted to do was if someone put the CD on repeat, you would feel as if the music never stopped.  So I made track 1 and track 16 the same key, the same BPM, and the same intro/outro.  So when “Some Day Soon” ends, it repeats you back to “I Don’t Feel No Ways Tired” like there was never a break.

Here’s a snippet of the song below, and you can get your copy of the song on iTunes.  Hope you enjoy!

Some Day Soon by tagnew

[If you can’t hear the snippet, go here.]