Dust of the Ground Video Shoot – Preferences

Wednesday, we got to work with the talented group, Dust of the Ground.  Jeremy and Austin are the duo that make up this talented media company.  Since I’m friends with Jeremy (Jeff Lethco’s son), I’ve seen some of the fantastic projects they have finished.  When I saw how talented they were, I knew they might be the answer to an idea I had.

I’ve had all these worship instructional video ideas in my head for a while now.  3 minute clips that could be used in churches to drive home a concept concerning worship during a service or at the beginning of a message.  By taking a biblical principle concerning worship (true worship, lifting of hands, why we sing, etc.), and giving a mini-message through the power of film, I thought we might could go further faster on some of these areas which churches struggle.

When I talked with them about it, they were excited to join in a partnership.  I had some ideas, they used their creativity and direction to make these ideas come to life and really take form.  We shot the first one on Wednesday at North Side’s coffee shop.  We had some very talented extras that showed up from a Facebook status request.  Dust of the Ground, with their wonderful help, Brittany, turned our coffee shop into this neat scene for the film.  After 15 takes of the scene, some extra shots, and a voiceover, these guys took the footage and headed back to Columbia.

The concept is all about preferences of styles of worship.  Everyone has a preference, but how do you know which one is the right one?  We are going to use this video at North Side, but we are also trying to figure out how to make this available for other churches.  Besides my role in it, the video is going to be pretty slamming that will leave viewers pretty challenged I pray.

Pray for those guys as they finish the editing process and pray that this video will help churches unite under what worship is really about.  I’ll send you more details when it is finished!

If you want to see some of their work, I’m posting below their wedding video that they did for Jeremy’s sister, Emily.  In watching, you will see why I am so thrilled to work with such talented guys who take something as simple as a wedding recap video and literally make it into a piece of art rather than a simple selection of shots.

Enjoy (by the way, Jeff’s favorite part of this video is at 2:10…)

(If you don’t see the video above, hit refresh on your computer or go here.)

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  1. You are always thinking or doing something productive. I admire that about you. I watched the video; these guys are pretty talented.

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