My Favorite Posts of 2010


In an attempt to recap the year, I wanted to share with you the top 10 posts that I wrote this year.  2010 was a busy year for my family and our church, so it was hard to condense, but I tried.  I kept changing the posts and the order, and I finally just had to give up and say that these 10 posts do a decent job at summarizing 2010.  Here goes:

1.  Happy 6th Anniversary!
2.  Back from Ethiopia
3.  The Little Engine That Could God
4.  Watching Daddy in the Window
5.  The Arrogance of My Generation’s Church Leaders
6.  My Role in the New Movie Courageous
7.  Christian Sightseeing is Not Missions
8.  On Behalf of All Black Men
9.  Worship Wars
10.  Overcome Recap

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Posts of 2010”

  1. I had not read some of these, and I had to go clean my glasses after the tear bath they just got. The line that really will stick with me most – and this can apply to all of our families – is: "If our family encourages people or challenges them to think, that is a good thing." We should all learn from this because God has many layers of meaning behind words spoken through those who walk with him. I know what you meant here, but it totally transcended race for me when I read that and said to myself, "All Christian families should encourage people or challenge them to think." Even a simple family prayer at a table full of people at Nagoya's – I use that as an example since strangers often sit intimately close there – might encourage someone to believe again in the power of the Christian family, while a non-Christian family might be challenged to seek a similar unity that can be achieved only through Christ. And, who knows? A pause for prayer could end tension among others at that table as the focus on God being put at the center. Your family has a beautiful message to the world, but we all should learn that God is using your story for many layers of understanding and calls to action. Thank you for always bringing your life lessons to us daily on Facebook. They are inspiring.

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