LIFT is This Saturday!

I was so encouraged yesterday hearing about the building excitement for Lift this Saturday!  We are only days away.  Our team is putting last minute touches on the event, and we could not be more excited!

On March 26th we will have a free worship workshop held at North Side Baptist in Greenwood, SC.  Bring your whole team and get equipped on how you can lift your worship, your team expectations, and your team’s abilities.  Tracks in musicians, vocalists, technicians, host teams, etc.  Good for choirs, bands, and anything in between!

The day has a funnel type schedule focusing on music, tech, and host teams that work in worship settings.  We start large, go to medium size, smaller groups, and then back all together.

This workshop is for seasoned worship team members and also for those who are just curious if they have the skills needed to join.  It’s free lessons, so nothing to lose!  Not only will we have a lot of information, we are going to have a lot of fun!

Here is our promise: we are teaching principles, not models.  We don’t want you to copy what we are doing, we are going to teach principles that we have been learning that can be applied into any context.  If you want to reserve your spot, you can do so here.

See below for the information on all the classes:

Registration – 8:30

Main Session – 9:00

  • Worship Team Essentials

Breakout Session #1 – 10:00

  • Playing as a Band
  • Vocal Blending
  • Shining in the Background: Your Place as a Tech Team
  • Host Team Essentials

Breakout Session #2 – 11:00

  • Guitar/Bass Masterclass
  • Vocal Masterclass
  • Keyboard Masterclass
  • Drum Masterclass
  • Surround Sound Mixing
  • Managing Visual Presentations
  • Mood Lighting: Enhancing Worship with Light
  • More than a Map: Paving the Way to Connection with Your Host Team

Main Session #2 – 12:00

  • God’s Favorite Worship Style

Lunch – 12:30

Main Session #3 – 1:30

  • Getting Out of Your Worship Rut: Creative Service Planning

Post-Workshop – 2:30

  • Followup (part of our team will be there for questions, walkthroughs, or any other way we can help; we want this to meet needs where your team is rather than what we think you might need; if you have a specific need, you can even contact us before that Saturday and we can accommodate whatever need your group might have)

We hope you can come!  If you haven’t registered, we really need your registration early this week so we can have enough materials.  You can RSVP here!


8 thoughts on “LIFT is This Saturday!”

  1. Adam, thanks for getting the spelling right… ever since I legally changed my name to have a silent "g" at the end, no one gets it right anymore.

  2. that's what a friends for…coincidentally i now have a silent "xq" in my name Adaxqm Langley…for some reason folks are really having a hard time with the pronunciation

  3. that's what a friends for…coinciden​tally i now have a silent "xq" in my name Adaxqm Langley…for some reason folks are really having a hard time with the pronunciation

  4. I attended LIFT on Saturday and had a wonderful time! I captured a few notes that should improve my personal worship experience. I just love how you can travel over 200 miles like we did and join a family of people I don’t even know; yet feel like I’ve known them my whole life. It’s truly amazing how the spirit of Christ can do that. May God continue to bless Northside Baptist and lead every aspect of your ministry. Also please pray for Elkin Valley Baptist Church as we prepare to lift up the holy name of Jesus through song and word that those who hear it will be blessed and drawn closer to God.

    • Jody, thanks so much for coming and thanks so much for this incredibly encouraging comment! I shared this with our whole team and it made their day! We will continue to pray for your church as we are all a part of the family.

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