Revive Our Relationships

“O God, unite us together, Your church living as one, giving ourselves to one another, and this world will know us by our love.”

Last night, we had our first united worship service.  So much prayer and preparation went into this service.  I was so humbled at what God did last night.

We worshiped to:

We had such a great turnout.  I loved how we worshiped together, learned from God’s Word together, then all broke out into groups to pray.  There was so much great stuff happening!

In our prayer time before service, we acknowledged that whenever you lead a service, you won’t match everyone’s personal preferences.  But if we focused on pleasing God, we could accomplish that, and I truly believe he was honored last night.

Our opener set the whole thing up.  We had people in our church that represent all types of ages, preferences, backgrounds, and they all sang different lines of that song.  When they sang the lines together with a video of our church body behind them, the Body of Christ looked and sounded beautiful.  What a special time!  I cannot wait till next week.  Thank you all for all your hard work.