Major in the Minors: Obadiah

We had another great day at North Side as we studied a prophet that I am very fond of – Obadiah.  Jeff gave me the privilege to preach this message since I have a son with the same name.

The premise of the message was: Either you can humble yourself or you can let God do it.  It’s your call.  God specializes in humbling the exalted and exalting the humbled.  While this book is talking about nations uprising and falling, I gave 5 application points for this message that apply to every believer.

I carefully climbed a ladder during the message to illustrate some points.  I carefully climbed it because we have had 2 staff members fall of a ladder in that room.  We made it through with no more broken bones!

You can check out the message here to say you have actually heard a message preached from Obadiah.

Today, we worshiped to:

We were so honored to have some of our students lead us in worship today.  I am always amazed by their passion for Jesus and their skills.  Thank you guys for your hard work.  Your maturity and musicianship are way beyond your years.

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  1. Totally agree! I love being led to worship with our younger brothers and sisters who have so much passion and maturity!

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