Bad Church Sign: It’s Not That Bad

This week’s bad church sign comes from The Potter’s House.  The tag line reads:

“You should come, it’s not that bad.”

Before I comment upon this statement (there are a few angles to look at it), I want to hear from you.  What does this statement say to you?

15 thoughts on “Bad Church Sign: It’s Not That Bad”

  1. Well, since it's not "that bad", it implies that it's at least "a little bad". Sad approach to making church sound exciting, which it is because the presence of the Lord is there when we are. Wow. Sad story…

  2. I guess my perspective is always a little different than most. For some time now christians have gotten a bad rap because too many try the guilt trip approach more than the Jesus approach. I see nothing wrong with trying to relate to the world to reveal how cool it really IS to be "christlike" because what do you hear alot of people say when you invite them to church? Man I can't sit there that long or I want to be able to sleep in, etc. Church should not be boring and people feel like they have better things to do than to go somewhere they will be looked down upon others noses because of what they are wearing, where they live or skin color, or whatever it may be.

  3. Good comments. How valid is the attractional method to church services these days? What I mean by that is will people keep coming to church services because of entertainment value?

  4. well sure, but whats wrong with that? and how can you validate what is true value? You see the huge mega churches that attract 100's and then you still have little country ones as well. I think about how David celebrated so elaborately in the streets and his own wife was lets say not very comfortable with the show but did not God say David was a man after His own heart? I guess I look more optimistically at things than pessimistically​ because I have truly seen what the devil can do to seek and destroy so going to church to CELEBRATE and have fun, I believe is not a bad thing! As long as God's word is taught and we can show Jesus as our personal Lord and savior to others, isn't that what being a christian is all about? I don't believe in putting God in a box…whos to say this church's way is right, this church's way is wrong. If they are all teaching God's word, then I see nothing wrong with wanting to attract a crowd, in fact did Jesus not attract crowds? I grew up in a fire and brimstone, we are all going to hell southern baptist church. I later discovered it is really about our own personal relationship with Him and understanding what agape love is truly about….

  5. Great point, Jacquelin. I do agree that all churches big and small, contemporary and traditional, try to attract crowds with their services. My hesitation is that sometimes that type of methodology has enabled people not to share the gospel. If the service is engaging enough, that will get them there, and I don't have to do anything about being intentional. Make sense?

  6. I think I see what you are getting at. But I thought the whole idea was to attract crowds to services, you know cast your net kinda thing. I attended an old timey tent revival a few years ago during the most difficult time of my entire life. There was such a diversity of believers and non believers that turned their lives over to God. There was an 80 something year old indian preacher who laid hands on several and I witnessed healing first hand. So would this be considered a type of methodology too or more like reaching who God intended at that very service, some who came just out of curiosity of the whats happenin' under the great big tent. You know how the angels rejoice over just ONE being saved so if you reach one for Jesus or plant that seed for another to water how is that not sharing the gospel? To me, that is not what enables people not to want to share the gospel, its the big head, hypocritical mode that gets them. Its the "if you don't do things this way then you are living your life wrong", as long as the fun and celebrations are for HIS glory, then to me as bad as the world is, people need to find joy and if its by visiting a church with a big event to draw them there God will use someone as His instrument in His plan. As far as oh now I don't have to do anything about being intentional, does God really want intentional? or just letting the Holy Spirit have His way with us whenever and however the opportunity arises? and as long as we humble ourselves before Him, that is the best engaging service that could ever be, no matter where you are preaching : ) LOL maybe I missed ur point altogether and you will need to elaborate a little further on it.

  7. Sure thing. I think the Holy Spirit makes us intentional. What I don't want is my personal evangelism to be reduced to "come to our services and hear my preacher to get saved." The Great Commission was "go and tell" not "come and see." We must go.

  8. Ok right, the Holy Spirit does make us intentional, so we allow Him to lead us in whatever way God chooses for us to be that appointed time, whether it be at the store, church post office, wherever, we are on The Great Commission every day. Tell me about "being reduced" to hear my preacher to get saved. I see it as you are the "come and see" to give the people the "go and tell" my friend…

  9. : ) I was wondering and I have been wanting to tell you how proud I am of you and I still have a picture you colored for me and brought to me one time when you got your hair cut at the mall, a LONG long time ago!

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