God Did NOT Tell You to Do THAT

Recently, I was made aware of a situation involving fellow ministers of the gospel.  Someone told me a piece of a conversation, and before I jumped to any conclusions, I decided to go to the source directly.  Sure there had to be a reasonable explanation or a miscommunication, I assumed all would be cleared up with one simple phone call.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t cleared up.  Justifying his thought process, he explained to me what went down between them.  I thought that a brother confronting him would be enough to show some type of remorse, but that’s not what happened.

Actually, he informed me that God told him to do what he did.

I don’t know all what God says to people.  I don’t claim to know how the Holy Spirit directs everyone.  But I do know one thing: God never tells us to do anything against his Word.  So yes, there are times I can say, “God did NOT tell you to do THAT.”

God is not schizophrenic.  He does not change his mind based upon the exit polls.  He is not bi-polar.  When he says something, he sticks to it.

So, if he said something is sinful when he wrote the Bible, it’s still sinful today.  God doesn’t want you to use your words to hurt another.  God doesn’t want you to behave immorally.  God doesn’t want you to modernize the message of the Bible.  If there is a verse in the Bible that prohibits your behavior, if you hear a voice in your head contradicting that message, I can guarantee: You are hearing from someone OTHER than God.

When you say “God told me to do something,” and he didn’t, you are breaking the 3rd commandment: “Don’t use God’s name in vain.”  Don’t use it in an empty way.

We all need to be careful.  Be faithful to God’s Word.  Don’t rewrite God’s truth or else you might yourself against the name on which you are calling.

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