Songs of Our Faith – This Sunday Night!

Last night we had a fantastic practice/worship time as we prepared for this Sunday’s night of worship.  I say it was practice, but it was really worship.  When you get to work with the people I get to, practice turns into worship.

I’ll say this: this entire project (recording, planning, arranging, practicing) has been a more daunting attempt than anything else we have ever done.  The arrangements are very complex.  The instrumentation shifts from song to song.  Players and vocalists are being pushed to the max.

And, I’ve never been more proud of this group!

The singers sound better and more focused than they ever have before.  The band has taken their skills to a completely different level!  Our techs are cleaner and crisper than ever before.  But more importantly, these guys adore Jesus and it shows!

If practice was any indicator, Sunday night is going to be plain ridiculous.

In addition to our band and choir, we also will be having two choirs join us that evening.  We are thrilled to have the Erskine Gospel Choir and the New Life Baptist Choir of McCormick join us for our time of worship!

That night, we are going to sing 13 classic hymns that have connected worshipers for centuries.  We are going to attempt nearly every genre of music possible.  We are going to celebrate communion together.  We are going to give back to Meals on Wheels during the Thanksgiving season.  We are releasing our new CD for $10 with the 13 hymns we will be doing that night.  We are going to have a time to connect as a church after the event.  We are going to have multigenerational families of worshipers together.

And I can’t wait!  If you need more details, you can go here for the official info or RSVP on Facebook and help us get the word out!  Hope to see you there!