Hymns for the Next Generation

I’m still giddy over last week’s worship service.  We released our new hymns album and sang through the entire ambitious project.  A night full of hymns with some pretty special arrangements.

When we started the project, a friend asked me, “Are you worried that if you change up the hymns too much, that some people won’t like them?”  Whenever you are dealing with people’s tastes, you will never please everyone, but my goal was not to please everyone but to unite everyone.

In the culture we are living in, there is a new worship song that bands want to do every week.  The danger is that the next generation will miss some of these wonderful worship songs.  I was worried when we put together an entire night of hymn worship that I was going to lose the younger generation’s attention span.  That’s why the arrangements were so eclectic, it was an attempt to gather all people together.

I didn’t know if it worked until I got home that night and had a Facebook message waiting for me with a teenager who is a worship industry “expert.”  He knows all the latest and greatest out there.  I was shocked by what he said:

Hey Travis. Great job tonite, everything was awesome…didnt think one of the greatest worship experiences I would ever have would come from a complete set list of old hymns and songs, but it did!

Good, solid, biblical worship unites all those who truly desire to worship.  Don’t give up on uniting the generations in an attempt to appease preferences.

Songs of Our Faith – Available on iTunes