O Holy Night [Recap]

What a powerful night.

I wanted to say huge thank you to all those who helped out last night for O Holy Night: A Night of Worship.  Out of all the encouraging comments that I received from that night, I think the most reoccurring and resounding comment was: “Last night was a picture of our church.  It was us.  We simply focused on worshiping Jesus.”  I cannot say thank you enough to:

  • From those preparing the communion for 1000 people
  • From those welcoming people at the front doors
  • From those who practiced very challenging music and led in worship (15 songs – that’s a bunch to work on!)
  • From those who worked behind the stage to make everything look and sound beautiful
  • From those elders serving communion
  • From staff that had to do so much to prepare for that night
  • To each of you who came and worshiped our Savior with us – thank you!

What a wonderful night to worship Jesus together!  May we never take the opportunity for granted that we get to “approach the throne of grace with confidence” (Heb 4:16) in worship with our church family!

Can’t wait to do it again this Sunday @ 11:00.  Hope to see you there!

Last night, we worshiped to:

*Many of these songs are from our Christmas album from North Side Worship.  You can check them out here!