Storytellers: “My Portion”

Wednesday evening, area groups are gathering together for United Youth Worship at North Side.  Details here.

I’m honored to be a part of a collective of worship leaders leading that night.  Very, very excited about our time together.  Leading up to it, Ben and I talked about working on a worship song unique for the event.

In my Bible study, I was recently impacted yet again by the portion of the Levites.  As land was being distributed to the tribes of Israel, the priestly Levites were denied the right to land.  Before you think they got gipped, look at what they got:

“They shall have no portion among their brothers; the LORD is their portion, as he promised them.”  -Deut. 18:2

Did you catch that?  They didn’t have all of the worldly pleasures that their brothers had, but they got the LORD instead!  The song is based upon that idea.  Would we be satisfied if the treasures of this world were kept from us and all we had was Jesus?  Is He really enough for us?

The band, who had never played together, practiced this song Sunday night.  After the 1st time, I was humbled at how it gelled together so well.  On the second pass, we were simply able to worship through the song.  I am praying for a special time as we worship together and praying, even though it is a new song, it’s like we’ve been singing it with our hearts all our lives.

“You can keep all the treasures of this world for You are my Portion,

You can take all the pleasures of this world for You are my Portion,

All I want is You, nothing else will do, for You are my Portion

You are more than enough for me,

Jesus, more than enough for me,

There could never be another to take Your place.”