“Enter His Gates” Track Listing

We are thrilled to finally be able to let you worship alongside something our team has been working ever so diligently on – our latest worship album, “Enter His Gates.”  This project consists of 16 original worship music from our North Side Worship family.

A few neat features about this recording: 1) Pslams – Many of the songs are taken directly from the Psalms or other passages of Scripture, 2) Instrumentals – We have 3 instrumental tracks which are proving to be some of the people’s favorites as we took the psalmic idea of the instrumental selah pauses in worship and put them to practice here, 3) Remixes –  Some of these songs are remixes or complete re-workings of an old worship song from a previous North Side or solo recording, 4) Live Tracks – The last two tracks feature none other than our North Side congregation singing along at some services months ago – hearing the worshipers has been breathtaking to me, and 5) New Songs – Some of these brand new songs have been some of the most quickly accepted and sung at our church that we have ever done.  So exciting!

Here’s the “Enter His Gates” track listing:

  • 1. Psalm 150
  • 2. Enter His Gates
  • 3. Glorified
  • 4. All Things New
  • 5. Selah #1 (All Things New Reprise)
  • 6. Make Me Holy
  • 7. King of Kings
  • 8. Psalm 117
  • 9. Selah #2 (Psalm 117 Reprise)
  • 10. However Whenever Wherever
  • 11. My Portion
  • 12. Worship Your Name
  • 13. It’s You
  • 14. Selah #3 (Enter His Gates Reprise)
  • 15. No Greater Love
  • 16. May Your Life Be

You have a great chance to help us with the coming release!  Three opportunities for you to be a part of:

  • Thursday, June 14th – Live After 5 – opening for Brandon Giles – This is gonna be great to lift up Jesus as people are coming out for a night on the town.  More info here.
  • Saturday, June 16th – Chick-fil-a Family Night – official release at drive thru.    We are playing for about 2 hours.  So bring your family, a lawn chair, as we worship together and raise missions money for our Africa partnership.  More info here.
  • Sunday. June 17th – North Side – 9:30 & 11 – If you can’t make it to one of the other nights, we would love to see you there Sunday morning when we will be leading many songs from this project in addition to hearing a wonderful message from Jeff.