“Make Me Holy” – Storytellers

“Make me holy through and through, less of me and more of You, help me live pleasing to You.”

I wanted to share another story behind the song from one of the tracks off of our “Enter His Gates” album (You can get your copy of the album at the church or on iTunes).  Track #6 is a song called “Make Me Holy” which we originally recorded on “The Time is Now” project.

The song was written out of a desire to lift Christ up more than just on Sundays.  I want our church to be known for holy living all week long.  The chorus states: “From everything that others may see, to what is known only by You and me, make me holy…”  I wrote it during a time when I saw so many people being corrupted by sin and losing their footing with Christ.  My prayer was to stay close to Jesus and far from sin.

Since the original arrangement was a great track, we decided to revamp it.  We gave it a halftime more pop-feel which turned into a nice groove that doesn’t sound like typical worship music.  We let the piano take the guitar part and the guitar take the piano part.  We led a guy sing the lady’s part and vice versa.

Ted did a fantastic job singing on this track and Amanda’s floating vocals on top were spot on.  Hope you enjoy it!

You can get your copy on iTunes here or take a listen below: