“However Whenever Wherever” – Storytellers

“Till You come, we will go, to the world, till all may know.”

I wanted to share another story behind the song from one of the tracks off of our “Enter His Gates” album (You can get your copy of the album at the church or on iTunes).  Track #10 is entitled “However Whenever Wherever” and is a missional commitment song.

I wrote this song as we prepared to go to Ethiopia to adopt Eli.  While the activities may be different, God calls each of us to follow him in unexpected ways.  This song was a commitment of mine to follow Christ wherever he called.  I didn’t want anything to sway me from obedience.

And I wanted to go.  Until he returns, I want to be found going to wherever he calls.  Whether it is to adopt or to preach the gospel to those who have never heard, however he wants to use me, I’m in.  Whenever he wants to use me, I’ll go.  Wherever he wants me to go, I’m on my way.  “However, whenever, wherever, we’re yours.”  I thought I had read that line in the Message one time, but when I went to look for it, I can’t find it.  I might have made it up, but I really thought I read those words together somewhere.

I originally recorded this song on a solo project that served as a fundraiser for Eli’s adoption.  We changed up some chords and feel of the song to make it sound more tribal and chant-like.  We also used some very different recording features to make the track very different sounding than the others.  One night, before we had to complete the project, I woke up about 3am and wanted to include something from a Lethco sermon that would set the song up and connect it to our Africa partnership.  I found just the perfect set of lines to begin the track and conclude the track with.  It also set very nice with the previous track in its missional focus.

You can get your copy on iTunes here or take a listen below: