“Worship Your Name” – Storytellers

I wanted to share another story behind the song from one of the tracks off of our “Enter His Gates” album (You can get your copy of the album at the church or on iTunes).  This song, “Worship Your Name,” was penned by our very own John Kennerly years ago, and I felt the need to bring it back.

The song was recorded on the first live album North Side recorded probably in 2003.  John had written the song earlier than that, and it was a special call to worship song for our church.

In this recording, we took a very acoustic, folksy turn on the song.  John is a singer-songwriter.  He is great in a coffeehouse setting telling a story and singing and playing his heart out.  I wanted to create the feeling on the track that there were a few guitars, voices, and percussion pieces sitting around a circle in a room.  We were very pleased to say it feels that way.

John’s guitar and vocal work is stunning.  His key change idea is brilliant.  His guitar turnarounds and half measure stuff he does makes my head hurt it’s so good.

We originally were going to get a female to sing harmony with him as in the past.  But the part was too easy.  It was such a simple line for a lady to sing that it wouldn’t convey passion.  So I tapped Ted to sing the parts.  He acknowledge that it was going to be up there for him, but he nailed it.  Reaching for it and having to dig down to grab those parts make them sound so much more passionate and engaged.

You can get your copy on iTunes here or take a listen below: