Thankful – Week 2

Today’s worship was all about flexibility today.  I sprung 1 unplanned song on the band at 9:30, 3 at 11:00.  I just told them they should be thankful we didn’t have a 3rd service ;)!

As we continued in our “Thankful” series, we also had Ben Davis, President of Connie Maxwell Children’s Home, come and update us on our partnership with this wonderful ministry.  It was so great to hear him speak, and you can tell his passion for taking care of these children.

We also reminded everyone about our Adoption Workshop coming up.  You can get details here.

Today, we worshiped to:

In addition to what was on the plan, we also added “I Love You, Lord,” “How He Loves,” and “I Saw the Light” to the mix depending upon what service you were in.  Got to keep these people on their toes!

Jeff’s message was great.  Thankful that we serve Jesus the Christ by whom all things were made and for whom all things were made.  Great day all around.  Busy with recording in the middle of the day, time with Courageous Bible study week 7, and practice for “Knowing Jesus” at Moncks Corner.  Busy, but excited about all that God is doing!