Peace Lost

By the time I left the church house this afternoon, I was exhausted, but it was that good kind of exhausted.

I still can’t wrap my head around all that happened this morning.

4th and final North Side Worship album released for 2012.

Family dedications in both services.

Courageous Resolution commitment ceremonies in both services.

Bluegrass hoedowns.

Great biblical truths.

College lunch afterwards for some exam-stressed students.

In the middle of all that, I was thrilled to hear that a man who has become my friend became a believer this week.  He wasn’t saved in one of our services.  He was saved with many one-on-one meetings with different church members.  Christians being intentional made the difference.  He came up and told me, “This week, I was saved finally.”  The best news I could hear!

In between services, I heard from a marriage almost over that there is still hope.  I had a young man struggling open up and take a step closer to Jesus.  I watched people step up in obedience.  I experienced God using all types of people in so many different ways.  I have never seen this kind of legit life-change happening among us!

Today, we worshiped to:

Hope you enjoy this 4th and final installment of the North Side Worship albums for 2012.  This turned into an 11-song bluegrass extravaganza.  As I told the congregation this morning, it is the best bluegrass Christmas worship album we have released in 2012.  Hope you enjoy it!  It will be on iTunes later this week.

If you want a hard copy, we have them at the church for $5!

As you finalize your shopping list, we wanted to help you have an inexpensive way to share scriptural music with your friends and family this Christmas.  That’s why we are putting all of our North Side Worship music on a super-reduced price for the month of December.  All full lenth albums will either be $5 or $2 including the new bluegrass releasde this Sunday!

Go to the bookstore or the receptionist desk throughout the week and get your Christmas music or your favorite album or the sermon remix to hand out to those you work with, play with, live with, etc.  You can use these as stocking stuffers, party gifts, or save them for upcoming events or birthdays.

Great way to share biblical truth and share with them about our church.

Here’s the CD listing so you can make your selections:

  • Peace on Earth: A Bluegrass Christmas – $5 – We played some bluegrass arrangements last Sunday and also played the new original song, “Peace on Earth.”  All these songs and more (11 tracks in all) are brand new and just in time for some great Christmas music.  For full track listing, go here.
  • Knowing Jesus – $5 – A chronological look at the life of Christ.  Starts in John 1, goes to the nativity, walks throughout his life, crucifixion, ressurection, and commission.  This is a great way to expose someone to the life of Christ.  21 tracks!
  • Enter His Gates – $5 – 16 tracks of original North Side Worship music.  This also includes 2 tracks that were recorded live at North Side last year around Good Friday.
  • The Manifold Wisdom of God: Sermon Remix 2011 – $5 – 10 sermons from 2011 trimmed and put to music.  This is a great way to remind yourself of some of these life-changing messages.
  • Songs of Our Faith – $2 – 13 arrangements of timeless hymns.  These arrangements cover bluegrass to a capella to full on orchestral arrangements.
  • Overcome – $2 – 16 tracks, 15 of them original songs.  All of them focusing on one thing: in this world we will have trouble, but we will overcome.  These songs are meant to encourage perseverance for those going through hard times.
  • Christmas Offering – $2 – 14 tracks of Christmas music.  This one was released in 2009 and covers “Silent Night” to “Joy to the World.”  This CD also has the North Side favorite “What, Then is Christmas?” written by Woody Nivens and sung by John Kennerly.
  • The Time is Now – $2 – 14 worship songs.  Some of them covers (Let God Arise, Made Me Glad, Everlasting God, Glorious One, God of This City, Friend of God, Amazing Grace), and some of them original (All Things New, Your Home, Make Me Holy, May Your Life Be).

Pray this scriptural worship music is a blessing to you and to whomever you might be gifting it!