Remain in Christ


The above picture is the Love {in}Deed map that we unveiled today at North Side.  We are excited that on March 10th, we are leaving the worship service for the real service to begin as we serve in nearly every corner of Greenwood.  Signups were a great first day, but we still have some open spots!

I was so thankful to have some of our high school students help lead worship today.  These young men have a genuine passion for the Lord and are leading off stage and on stage at such a high level.  Not a high level for their age.  A high level.  It is an honor to have them help lead worship.  I am looking forward to letting the next generation in our church lead more often!

Today, we worshiped to:

The time of worship was rich.  Loved hearing the sound of God’s people offering up praise.  Loved seeing the excitement as they learned of new places to give of their lives.  Loved watching their eagerness to give financially.  Loved watching their commitment to God’s Word.

Jeff preached on the Antichrist today.  As he mentioned, most people view this figure to be a final player on the whole world stage, but the term is only used in 1 John and 2 John – not Revelation.  And John says there isn’t one Antichrist, but there are many.  In fact, some of them worshiped with us today.  Antichrists are people who have left a local congregation of faith or left the truth of the gospel.

John said that those who have walked away were never really saved in the first place.  People don’t lose their salvation.  They just eventually walk away because they were never really committed in the first place.  They might have had an emotional or spiritual experience, but they never were really converted.

This message was hard-hitting but so true.  So biblical.  So needed for our times.  If you didn’t get to hear it, check it out at