Test the Spirits

Knowing that you know Jesus_t

Sunday’s service consisted of focusing upon 1 John4 and the exhortation to test the spirits.

In our culture today, you can get your hands on more “Christian teaching” than ever before.  Books, sermons, services, shows, podcasts, etc.  You name it.  I’m living proof that ANYONE can write a book.  There has never been more spiritual resources available than there is now and never a more reason to discern every teaching you encounter.

In order to navigate through these times, John was advising the church to test the spirits.  Jeff did a fantastic job handling this text.  Solid sermon.

Sunday, we worshiped to:

We also got to get a report about our Love [in]Deed recap – awesome to hear!  The worship time was special.  I had so many people say that “Woe to You” was very powerful to them.  Love what’s happening with our family!