Believe God

Knowing that you know Jesus_t

Special day at North Side!  Celebrated baptism and communion.  Worshiped with all our hearts.  Heard the Word proclaimed.  Loved seeing the church in action!

We studied in 1 John 5 and talked about the 3 witnesses: the water (baptism), the blood, and the Spirit.  We were able to experience that and celebrate each element today!  It was such a special time.

Today, we worshiped to:

I love that at North Side we can have the elements planned out and we can be spur of the moment.  We had details scripted, and yet Jeff said “Travis is going to lead us in a hymn now” on the spot, and we do it.  What that means is that the Spirit of God is not limited.  He can lead beforehand or in the moment.  And we follow Him!

1 more text to go in 1 John next week and then we get to do something very special, can’t wait!