The Worship of the Church


As we focused today on the worship of the church, I was eager to lead something I have had churning in my head for a while now.

We led worship music from 6 centuries in about 12 minutes.  I took the theme concerning the greatness of God, and showed how it’s a constant theme through the ages, and that the style doesn’t really matter.  It was a very special moment at the end of our services as we united with the Church over hundreds of years.

As the medley progressed, I posted the year each song was written as we started in the 1500s and ended up in the 2000s.  The lyrics for the medley is available here: The Greatness Of God (Worship Medley) – lyrics (I never chorded out the song since I was playing it on the piano by myself for most of it and had liberty to adjust as we went along).

Today, we worshiped to:

The entire service really flowed together well today.  The video testimonies from the Pendleys and the Parlers were really powerful to see how our worship focus at our church is changing the lives of their families.  Jeff’s message on worship was so rich.  He spoke how that it is possible to worship God “in a strange land” when everything doesn’t go our way or doesn’t feel right.  There is a worship that is done in spirit and truth.  God seeks out for those type of worshipers and I’m pretty sure he found some in our midst today.  Special times.

If you missed the service, you can catch it here.