The Gathering Recap

1044588_10151593783990877_1329700818_nAfter an incredible 4 days of the Gathering, there really aren’t words to describe all that God did.  Here’s a few things I know:

  1. I really, really love Jesus.
  2. I love my church.
  3. Our church really gets worship.
  4. We don’t pray enough as a church.
  5. The gathering of the church changes drastically when everyone comes prepared.
  6. We don’t fast enough as believers.
  7. I am blessed to serve alongside incredible worship leaders.
  8. I am humbled to sit under such a godly pastor.
  9. I love that a big church still feels like a family.
  10. I love that the Gathering is spilling over into our lives even though the meetings are done.