Submission and the Believer


As we left the church campus today, I told Amanda I am sure that I have never heard a complete message on what it means to submit to governing authorities.  And I also don’t think I have ever heard a preacher talk so specifically even as a sidebar of what that means.  Today was straight up real talk, folks.

“Submission has more to do with an attitude than an action.”  -Jeff Lethco

That line has been ringing in my ears all day.  Still processing that.  Heavy stuff.  In his message, Jeff talked about governing authorities and other types of authority that people may disrespect.  In 1 Peter, it is very clear how we are to live.  Check out the message here.

Worship Music

  • Living Hope – North Side Worship
  • My Hope – North Side Worship
  • We Rejoice – North Side Worship
  • Amazing Grace – North Side Worship
  • Suffer Like Him – North Side Worship

We primarily did music from our Stand Firm project today.  It was so great to hear everyone singing out.  Hope you can join us this Saturday night as we record this music!