Rejoicing Through the Pain


For the Christian, pain and rejoicing are not mutually exclusive.  We can and should experience them both at the same time.

As the last services of 2013, we were able to receive some wonderful encouragement through Scripture.  1 Peter 4:12-19 serve as a great look back over last year and a great perspective for the year to come.

Suffering is coming our way.  Don’t be surprised by it.  Rejoice in the midst of them because you will experience the glory of Christ.

It was great to worship to the songs of “10,000 Reasons” and the North Side original “We Rejoice” that was written from this passage.

Side note – the entire album, “Stand Firm” will be available on Jan. 26th!

Scott Hill, North Side member and missionary to West Africa, came and gave us updates on how they are doing with the Hausa people as they are home for a few short weeks.  It was great to hear from him and to be able to pray for the Hausa.

We then went into “With the Time I Have Left,” also written at North Side for last week’s passage, and used it as a medley into “Wherever He Leads I’ll Go.”

Honestly, I had forgotten the lyrics of the last verse when I put it in the plan for this week.

I mainly used it as a response to Scott’s testimony and also a commitment to take up our cross (instrument of suffering) no matter where God calls us, but God brought it all together more wonderfully that I could have imagined: “It may be through the shadows dim or o’er the stormy sea, I take my cross and follow Him wherever He leadeth me.”

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