I Almost Retired from Blogging


I almost retired from blogging.


It was November.  I was busy.  Too busy.  The last few months had been one big project stacked on another and I wasn’t out of the clear yet.  I was teaching a lot.  Counseling a lot.  And we had event after event after event.

And while I loved blogging, I didn’t have the time like I used to have.  I also was unsure if it was really benefitting anyone.

When I started blogging, I wanted it to serve as a pulpit.

I wanted to encourage those close to me and those far away to think about family, ministry, worship, church culture, etc.

As I was considering getting rid of good things for the most useful things, I struggled whether or not to keep blogging.

Then, I heard it.  I heard it in random places.  I heard from random people saying that a post on marriage had helped them work some things out.  I heard that a couple was considering adoption from some of these posts.  I heard from a pastor that was encouraged by what we were doing at North Side.

They were random.  They were many.  I received more comments in that week than I had in the last year.

Was that God prompting people to say something or was it random encouraging words?  I don’t know, but it resonated.  I’m not retiring yet.

If my blog has encouraged you to love Jesus and His Word more, read on, fine folks.  There will be more coming your way.  Thanks for walking with me.