Church Sign: Legalize Marijuana


This week’s church sign:



Well, at least we are clear concerning their stance on the issue.

I wonder if they are implying that the usage of marijuana assists in experiencing the kingdom of heaven within?  Interesting theory.  I am sure you experience something.

Regardless of whether you agree with their opinion or not, is legalizing marijuana the call of the church?  Is that why the exist?  Is that the message they are to proclaim?

Have you ever realized that sometimes churches can be known for a secondary message instead of a primary message?

A church is supposed to be a beacon of light boldly proclaiming the gospel of God.  While that message is apparent in many congregations, sometimes it becomes a secondary message.  Instead of the gospel, churches focus on marijuana legalization, a political agenda, a trendy gimmick, a musical style, a promotional tactic, a promised preferential element, a personality on stage, or a 1-liner from the preacher rather than the infallible Word of God.

Each church will have a secondary message.  It’s natural.  Each congregation normally bends towards certain issues.

I just pray that the gospel never becomes that secondary issue.

It’s a good question – if someone were to describe your church’s primary message, what do you think it would be?