We are introducing “Almighty” at North Side this Sunday.  I first heard this song at Passion 2014.  Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash, and Jared Anderson wrote the song.

It is such a powerful anthem.  I actually was worshiping to this song today on the iPod as some Jehovah’s Witnesses came up.  Great timing!

Musically, it’s different from all the other worship songs these days.

Lyrically, it does such a good job of conveying biblical imagery concerning the majesty of God.



Verse 1

You have no rival, You stand alone

The heavens worship before Your throne, There is no one like You

You have no equal, Your kingdom reigns

Yours is the highest of every name, There is no one like You


Almighty, We’re standing in the presence of Your majesty

You’re holy, You alone the sovereign crown of royalty

You’re the King of kings, Almighty

Verse 2

Our GOD eternal the great I AM, The praise of angels will never end

There is no one like You

Eyes like fire, Face like the sun

A voice like thunder, Who was and is and is to come


I see the holy one, high and exalted

I hide my eyes and I tremble before Him

I tremble before Him


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