The Gospel Is Good News

We started out our month of celebrating Christmas by some special worship services today!

We began our time by having family dedications.  It was great to pray over these families that they would raise up disciples for Christ!

We then sang “Gloria” and “Joy to the World.”  “Gloria” is a song my Michael W. Smith and is the most complex song our band has ever done.  It goes in and out of different keys, and has many meter changes and such which makes it quite the challenge.

I wanted to use it because I think the song does the best job that an earthly song can do to create that transcendent feel when the angels first sang those words to the shepherds.  While our band worked tirelessly on it, I told them it wasn’t ready until the complex appeared simple.  They worked on it a ton and I was so proud of their efforts.

S. then led us in a prayer time and mission offering focus from the other side of the world.  I loved hearing her words of gratitude and it was so great to have her pray over us!

We then did our bluegrass version of the classical song “Gesu Bambino.”

We also sang “Peace on Earth” as a new arrangement.  I wrote this song 2 years ago, and it has had a special place in the life of our church.  Last week, we did a new recording of it and I am excited to say that it is available on iTunes today!

Peace on Earth Slider

I loved how Jeff showed our need for the gospel and our need to share the gospel.  The word “gospel” means “good news.”  It is the gospel that saves us and it is that gospel we are called to proclaim.  I pray that our church becomes even more committed to sharing that wonderful gospel with all people!

Don’t forget that Connect is tonight!

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