Dead Faith

I am worn out and so energized all at the same time!  What a wonderful day to be the church!

As we are approaching “The Word,” we are using a lot of the songs from the project to teach them to our congregation.  I was so encouraged that people weren’t disappointed by it but it is causing them to be even more excited!

In addition to some announcements and prayer times, we sang a lot of worship today.

We played:

  • Day by Day – North Side Worship
  • Amazed – North Side Worship
  • Your Word – North Side Worship
  • Come Holy Spirit – North Side Worship
  • Christ Be All Around Me – Leeland
  • What a Savior – North Side Worship

In fact, all of the songs from today except one were from the upcoming project.

It was incredible watching the energy and having the congregation sing out loud today.  Both services were full and very engaged.  Loved it!

Jeff’s message on dead faith was helpful and convicting.  It was helpful in understanding how faith and works interact concerning salvation.  But I think he also made some great application points about evaluating if good works are coming from our lives.

After a quick bite, we had a 4 hour rehearsal for “The Word.” It is coming together!  Thanks for your prayers.  After a great night with my discipleship group, I am just so thankful for how the word is transforming my life and transforming others!