Lyrics to “What a Savior”

We are 3 days away from “The Word!”  We will be doing a live recording on April 3 and 4 at 7PM at North Side Baptist Church.

Writing songs at key points throughout the biblical narrative is a complex process.  The three songs I was hesitant to begin were based on Creation, Passion week, and Revelation.

“What a Savior” was written as a hymn based upon the Passion of the Christ.  Each verse progresses (ministry, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension).

It has quickly become a favorite song for our church to sing.  Would love to have you join us either Friday or Saturday to sing it as well!

Here are the lyrics:

What a Savior

Behold the Lamb of God who came down, sent to take our sin away
For the world you loved so dearly, what a sacrifice you made
You took on flesh, you humbled yourself and departed heaven’s throne
You came to us for we could never make it to you on our own

Our sins were great, your grace was greater, though we never knew the cost
That you would pay, o sinless Savior as you hung upon the cross
You bore the wrath, you suffered our shame, faithful to your final breath
How can it be that we would gain life from your undeserving death

What a Savior, great redeemer
Mighty God and truest friend
King of kings and Lord of lords
Son of God and Son of Man

Crucified, Your body broken, all our hope buried away
But dawn would break upon the third day, when you rose up from the grave
Death was conquered, sin defeated, all of hell could not deny
The empty tomb, the risen Savior, our God is still a – live!
Yes, our God is still a – live!

We are longing for that hour when you make your presence known
And you return with heaven’s power and will fin’ly take us home
Until that day you come in glory, we will tell the story of
Your saving grace, Your wondrous mercy, and Your everlasting love