Can Members from Other Churches Come to “The Word?”

We’ve been asked if it is OK for members of other churches to come to “The Word.” The answer is a resounding “yes!”

BUT, we do want you to know something:

  1. By joining us in worship, we are NOT going to try to lure you to come back on Easter Sunday or any other Sunday. If you are involved in a Bible-preaching, disciple-making church, we want you there on Sunday, yet we are thankful you came to worship with us. We are all family, and families don’t compete against each other! We love you and your church!
  2. We think it is great idea to worship together! In fact, Jesus thinks it is a great idea too because in heaven there are not different subdivisions separated by which local church you were a member during your life. “On earth as it is in heaven!”
  3. We pray that your attendance at The Word will impact you and equip you to serve your own congregation!
  4. If you are not a part of a church family, we would love to connect you toNorth Side Baptist Church or one of the many great churches in Greenwood. Please tell us how we can help!