A New Life

This has been an unforgettable Easter weekend!  I am so humbled at what Jesus did among us.

“The Word” was simply amazing.  More on that in another post.  Overwhelmed.

Sunday morning was absolutely ridiculous.  We had two packed services, and I have already heard about many receiving Christ today and this weekend!

It is amazing to see Jesus at work!

In addition to some videos, baptism, announcements, and prayer times, we worshiped to:

  • Risen – North Side Worship
  • Forever – Kari Jobe
  • Easter Medley (Christ the Lord Is Risen Today, Crown Him With Many Crowns, Because He Lives) – North Side Worship
  • In Christ Alone – Travis Cottrell
  • What a Savior – North Side Worship

After such a busy weekend, our worship team dug in and still gave it their all.  It was beautiful times of worship as the congregations sang out loud and passionately!

Jeff’s message on “A New Life” was spot on.  Our time in Romans 6 and in Ephesians 2 was so great.  He talked about how many times people try to work at making themselves better to no avail.  We are not in need of a new start but a new life!

Even with record attendance, amazing responses, and more new folks to disciple than ever before, I am believing that the best is still yet to come.

I am just holding on to the ride.  Jesus is up to something in this church family and I am honored that I get to serve him.