We Are Not There [Yet]

Great day to gather with the family of North Side today.  After a week of the Gathering, we restarted our series, “Until He Comes,” as we picked up with studying 2 Thessalonians.

The passage that guided our time together today was 2 Thess. 2:1-4:

Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy,

To the church of the Thessalonians in God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ:

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

We ought always to give thanks to God for you, brothers, as is right, because your faith is growing abundantly, and the love of every one of you for one another is increasing.Therefore we ourselves boast about you in the churches of God for your steadfastness and faith in all your persecutions and in the afflictions that you are enduring.

The services went as follows:

  • Reading – Psalm 130:3-4
  • What a Savior – North Side Worship
  • Jesus, Son of G0d – Passion
  • World Hunger Highlight
  • Prayer Time/Offering
  • Holy Spirit, Living Breath of God – Keith and Kristyn Getty
  • Holy Spirit – Francesca Battistelli
  • Sermon – We Are Not There [Yet] – 2 Thess. 1:1-4
  • Invitation/Prayer Time

The worship team did a fantastic job leading today.  I am just amazed at their level of progression each and every week.

Since Jeff was preaching in Texas, I got the privilege to preach today.

Here are some notes I had from my sermon preparation:

  1. The early church in this city was known for “These men who have turned the world upside down have come here also…” (Acts. 17:6).
  2. The church is under the Father’s protection and in the Lord’s possession.
  3. Paul had irrepressible joy to God for how this church was growing.
  4. Give credit where credit is due – Paul thanked God for that church.
  5. He thanked God for their: 1) growing faith, 2) increasing love, and 3) enduring steadfastness.
  6. This served as an encouragement and rebuke – you are doing good, but don’t slow down.  We are not there yet, but we will get there.
  7. God is in the midst of our congregation – let’s not take that for granted!

Loved the response time today – you will be getting your letter in the mail in about 40 days.  Until then, I can’t wait to hear all that God is doing through you to be the church!