His Coming, His Sovereignty

We had an awesome time at the Fall Festival last night, an extra hour of sleep last night (if you were able to take advantage of it), and we had two eager groups of worshipers this morning despite the rainy morning weather.  Today was great!

Our passage focused today on 2 Thess. 2:1-13 which many biblical scholars comment that it is one of if not the most difficult passage to interpret.  So, let’s get after it!

Today’s services:

  • Reading – Psalm 9:1-11
  • Lord I Need You – Matt Maher
  • Jesus, Son of God – Chris Tomlin
  • Prayer Groups – It was a time to gather in groups all across the auditorium and declare, “God, we still need you.”
  • Offertory Prayer
  • Holy Spirit, Living Breath of God – Keith and Kristyn Getty
  • Sermon – His Coming, His Sovereignty (2 Thess. 2:1-13)
  • Are You Washed in the Blood? – North Side Worship arrangement
  • Sing to the King – Billy and Cindy Foote
  • In Christ Alone (Tag) – Keith and Kristyn Getty

Some notes I made from today’s sermon:

  • Let no one deceive you: God has not abandoned us.
  • Their doctrine was sufficient for salvation but not for stability.
  • People go to hell because they refuse to love the truth = Jesus (John 14:6).

What I loved about Jeff’s message today was that he didn’t avoid a difficult passage but he also didn’t blow smoke and claim to understand everything about it.  He kept the main thing the main thing.

The extended time of worship at the conclusion was incredible.  I loved hearing our people worship loudly as we watch and pray for Christ’s returning!