Isaiah 1 [Let Us Reason Together]

Such a special day to start out celebrating Christmas!

We started a new series studying through the Book of Isaiah.  We are calling it “The LORD Is Salvation” since that is what the name of Isaiah actually means.

Our services went like this:

  • Christmas/Sarajevo 12/24 – Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  • Family Dedication
  • Hark the Herald Angels Sing – North Side Worship
  • O Come Let Us Adore Him – North Side Worship
  • Prayer Time
  • Video – First Christmas Elizabeth
  • Away in a Manger – North Side Worship
  • A Christmas Alleluia – Chris Tomlin
  • Sermon – Let Us Reason Together [Isaiah 1]
  • Invitation
  • Whiter Than Snow – North Side Worship Arrangement

We went Trans-Siberian Orchestra to bluegrass to folksy to old hymn and about everything in between!  So thankful for the team that worked so hard to accomplish such an eclectic group of songs to lead in worship today.

Jeff’s message was a great introduction into the Book of Isaiah.  Here are some my notes:

  1. Isaiah’s ministry spanned in Judah through four kings’ reigns.
  2. The LORD has spoken (Isa. 1:2) – not Isaiah!
  3. Isaiah 1 shows a dangerous progression: rebellion, ignorance, disobedience, abandonment, hatred, estrangement (Isa. 1:2-5).
  4. Even the dumb animals get what God’s followers do not sometimes (Isa. 1:3).
  5. Disobedience to God is rebellion against our Father.
  6. When God is no longer a priority, favored people act unfavorably.
  7. Estrangement is defined by the “destruction of affections” (Isa. 1:4).
  8. God has had enough of obligatory worship (Isa. 1:11).
  9. Don’t offer “empty” worship (Isa. 1:13).
  10. God is talking to his covenant people.
  11. This people did religious activities faithfully, but they looked no different from the culture.
  12. God’s favor does not remove his discipline from our lives.

the Lord is Salvation Screen 2